Lovello Elizabeth perpetuates diversity in its aesthetic, logo and silhouettes.

Established in early 2014 with the brand’s first handcrafted men’s jogger sets, Lovello Elizabeth envisioned to ensure royalty garments for men and women by enhancing their wardrobes and personal style.

Born and raised in South Philadelphia, the brand, Lovello Elizabeth, embodies the designer, Alnika E. Lovello’s, multi-ethnic background of African-American and Italian. Alnika meshes her simple but complexed, versatile style into her brand with her sporty chic look. With her fashion inspiration being modern and active, Lovello Elizabeth represents an urban style that blends class, timelessness, and authenticity. Lovello Elizabeth brings together two cultures, styles and worlds to forge a new path towards diversity in fashion.

The pieces released thus far from the Lovello Elizabeth brand are diverse in style that allows the “on the go” client to explore different ways of styling their outfit. The logo is a symbol of the unity of men and women, of cultural acceptance and the combination of urban and high end.

Lovello Elizabeth is looking forward to crossing over into contemporary men’s and women’s ready-to-wear.